2015 Disneyland Secrets guidebook: Tips and secrets for Disneyland vacations

Looking for a few Disneyland secrets? Perhaps you want an opportunity to know everything there is to know before arriving at the Disneyland Resort to save time and money? Well, you’re  in luck! The new 2015 Disneyland Secrets Guidebook book offers you a chance to know before you go. Written by a local Disney addict (who goes once a week) to the Disneyland Resort, the author spills the beans on some of the greatest tips, tricks and secrets about the popular resort.

Anaheim vacations can be a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family. Which is why you probably don’t want to spend a lot of time in line with strangers. Well, did you know that one Pirates of the Caribbean line is longer than the other? Or if you want an added bonus of fun on Big Thunder Railroad staring at the goat is a popular trick that locals do to make the ride even more exciting?

Disneyland secrets often are shared by locals and people who love the theme parks. This guidebook offers insight into some of the more interesting aspects of the theme park that is helpful to the family vacation. Not to be replacing current information offered on the Disneyland website, this book actually enhances your vacation by showing the kids some amazing stuff at the park. Plus, you could save time and money by using the tips offered.

Ready to have a great time on your Disneyland vacation in 2015? Well, check out my Disneyland Secrets Guidebook to know before you go. Plus, it’s only $0.99!

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