Is 2015 the year of indie movies, authors and entertainers?

indie moviesThere has been a lot of speculation after the online success of “The Interview” that the public is looking at Hollywood in a whole new light. Every year indie movies are shared at the Sundance Film Festival, but 2015 might grab the attention of the world in a whole new way. Movie goers have been introduced to the idea that it’s no longer necessary to go to a movie theater to see a film as the latest technology at home is quite comparable. While Sony might have been trying to salvage what they could from their North Korean comedy, it appears that it fulfilled a desire that people really want: current movies watched on home entertainment.

The hurdle that Hollywood faces right now is the fear of putting a movie online for release on the same day as a theater release. Will there be more pirating of the films? Could the studios be losing money because it isn’t a charge per person? While it might be a while for those questions to be answered, the independent films already have worked their way past these concerns and are focusing on distribution. Apparently, producers of indie movies don’t really care how many people are sitting in a living room watching the film…technically it is being watched.

The bottom line is 2015 will be a great year for independent films, authors and entertainers. Movie goers who don’t want the hassle of going to a theater will find new films to watch at home as the world has been officially introduced to the concept of new movie releases at home. Don’t think that Hollywood is too far behind on this idea either. New movie releases online offer a bigger slice of profit (over 50%) and the studios cut their costs too. While a few of the issues of an online release need to be resolved, Hollywood should be releasing new major motion pictures like “The Interview” in the very near future. Money talks in Hollywood and there is more cash to be made with an online release than the almost obsolete movie theater.

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