4 Little Known Secrets to Saving Cash at the Disneyland Resort 2018

Disneyland Resort 2018 Secrets  If you’re planning to vacation at the Disneyland Resort in 2018, you’ve probably been saving up for an epic vacation. Mickey Mouse and his pals offer up a wonderful time and families love coming to Anaheim, California.

Who doesn’t want to visit the Mouse House? Well, You’re wallet

Saving money at the Disneyland Resort in 2018 is more important than ever. If your family wants to experience a little bit of everything, including those amazing funnel cakes, you need to find ways to save a few bucks while you are there. Makes sense, right?

Disneyland tips and tricks in 2018 will give you a few extra bucks in your pocket and those big smiles on the kid’s faces will still linger for a very long time.

4 Little Known Secrets to Save Cash at the Disneyland Resort 2018

  • Free ice water. You don’t need to buy a $3 bottle of 20 ounce water at the resort to quench your thirst. All of the restaurants and cafes offer free ice water. This is especially important during the hot months of the year. It gets warm in Anaheim and a family of four could spend $12 just on water. Instead, opt for a free water cup and refill it at the water fountains around the park (or ask for a refill at the counter.)
  • Free stickers and buttons. The Disneyland Resort has some great new souvenirs in 2018. In fact, you could have Mickey Mouse souvenirs from head to toe. However, you might want to opt out of overdoing the shopping and pick up free stickers and buttons. Available at guest services and some of the cafes and shops. Just ask to see if any freebies are available. The kids will love them as much as a purchased product.
  • Bring snacks. While it might not be feasible to bring in lunch or dinner at the Disneyland Resort in 2018, you could bring snacks. This will cut the costs of your visit substantially. The smaller the treats to share the better. Raisins, jelly beans and even cut carrots are perfect to hand out in line, seal in a bag and then share again later when the kids are hungry.
  • Bring a pen and a journal for each child. Mickey Mouse’s autograph is a big deal for the kids. Cinderella, Captain Jack Sparrow and even the Genie from Aladdin will sign a book. If you want to have a special keepsake, consider bringing your own small autograph book and have the characters sign it. Not only is it free, you can take a few photos to cherish this experience forever.
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