A Hollywood Summer: Enjoying SoCal during the best time of the year

Can you believe it? It’s a Hollywood Summer! The calendar might be rolling past June, but the visitors have revved up to enjoy the sun and fun around SoCal. It might sound odd, but a Hollywood summer is one of the best times of the year. The traffic is lighter (locals are elsewhere), there are a number of fun opportunities (can anyone say free concerts) and most importantly there is plenty of fun in the summer. It’s one of those times on the calendar that will offer memories of the summer.

Beaches, TV shows and just silliness. If you think about it, a Hollywood summer offer what few places can compare to giving. The visitors come from around the world to compare hand prints. They take pictures next to odd looking creatures. Then these folks are lured into eating joints to try a unique food. Typically the day is ended with a little footwork on a dance floor or a chance to enjoy a concert under the stars. Alas, the enjoyment of the Hollywood summer is exclusive to this special community.

Hollywood Summer

A Fun Hollywood Summer

A Hollywood Summer: A time to Remember

During the summer visitors definitely can check out the best of Hollywood. This includes watching TV shows live, running into stars and even checking out the latest movies. One thing that doesn’t happen too often is big movie premieres. Not to worry, the theaters in Hollywood are top-notch. You can enjoy the latest flick with all the amenities. Talk about a relaxing opportunity!

Perhaps that’s why it’s funny to hear that only a few people who live in the area actually take staycations over the summer. Most of the locals (myself included) love heading out to explore a new part of the world. Apparently we are way too familiar with the local culture.

Residents forget to fully appreciate what we have. However, on the plane ride home there is a realization. The plane starts to decent into the valley. You peek out the port hole around Ontario. You start to feel the excitement. The red tail lights on the freeways are visible. You gasp for your breath. As you keep descending you remember why you live there in the first place. The final moment as you cross the 405. Almost touching the car roofs. You hit the pavement of the runway and hold your breath. You know you are home and while you might have missed a bit of a Hollywood summer, you will be finding yourself enjoying what is left and pushing on to a delightful Hollywood Fall. After all you shouldn’t always be working where you live, you need to have a little fun too.

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