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Jodi Jill has a passion for words. The accomplished writer had a difficult background with extraordinary challenges to overcome, but she hasn’t let that slow her down. From living in a storage unit as a child for over a decade to being denied an opportunity for conventional school, there is no doubt the Jodi Jill story is intriguing. 

Today Jodi Jill lives in Los Angeles and shares her talent with readers around the world. Looking to make a difference in the lives of others, Jodi Jill’s work can be read online, perused in print and even seen on television. Adding her voice to literacy causes, Jodi Jill believes in using knowledge as power with an emphasis on reading.

In 2018 Jodi Jill has found herself once again pondering her blog (which is why you are here now) and wanted to once again share her love of Hollywood with the world. Reminding everyone that living in Hollywood and blogging is different than anywhere else in the world, her hope is to share some of the glitz, glamour and grit with readers. Plus offer a little bit of Hollywood’s best pal and one of the happiest places on earth, which is only 28 miles to the southeast, Disneyland!

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Jodi Jill’s celebrity column celebrated its fourth anniversary in May 2013. With over 20,000 posts recorded online, the talented writer gives her take on the entertainment business (evidently she has plenty to say as well). Located in Los Angeles, Jodi’s writing is so close to the source she can see it. Technically, she is reporting from the heart of the celebrity epicenter. Every day she is involved in the business and even the Hollywood sign can clearly be been from her house. Never too far away from the focus of entertainment news, she couldn’t be any closer to the news source.


When Jodi Jill isn’t in Hollywood, it’s safe to assume she is on the road speaking. Looking to share her message of literacy and offer a glimpse of her life to others, the writer loves to present. While her topics vary, she openly talks about how literacy saved her life and her life as a celebrity columnist.  She also has spoken for several conferences about online writing, crowdfunding and obstacles to success in the digital market.


003Jodi Jill is an accomplished author with books in print as well as online. Focusing on celebrity, travel and online writing, the guides give a perspective from someone who has passion in their chosen fields.  Online writers look up to Jodi Jill for her guidance and tidbits in the profession. The online guides offer a glimpse into making a successful column as well as different facets of the job. Looking to provide hands-on advice, the books are packed with suggestions and ideas to help others. 

Of course what would life be without a little fun? Offering tips for the traveling families, the series of Disney books is popular with readers looking for the best advice in the theme parks. If touring in Southern California is something of interest, then Jodi Jill’s Family Freebies of Southern California is the perfect book. The regional guide lists places to go with family to learn more about the area.

If fun would rather be done at home, then why not make your pet famous?  The Internet Cat Videos: How to Make Funny, Crazy Cat Videos Go Viral is one book that pet owners love. Offering ways to get your cat some attention online, the step-by-step guidebook is one-of-a-kind and reveals how people make money with cat videos.

With over 30 books and guides available, Jodi Jill loves to share her knowledge of particular subjects with others.

Literacy Promoter

Creator of the Quit Whining and Read! project, Jodi Jill is heavily involved in literacy projects. Hoping to make a positive impact on the lives of others by helping pave the way to get books to others.

PR about Jodi Jill

Jodi Jill’s inspiring story of accomplishments was featured on The Jeff Probst Show and in Marie Claire (Oct 2012.) Hoping to share with others, she has been highlighted about her accomplishments, both personal and professional.

Out of the Box Article

Out of the Box Article