Academy Awards ballot casting: Worries of Oscar diversity

The Academy Awards are waiting to hear from the members on who will be the next batch of nominees. The ballots are out and this is the week that the Oscars will start to get the votes coming in for counting. While this process has always been very diplomatic and perhaps a little posh, in 2016 there is a new worry: Oscar diversity.

When it comes to the nominees, it’s fair to say that the decision is based on the majority of the members and has little to do with the actual Academy Awards. However, that didn’t stop the Hollywood bashing last year when the academy when on the defensive last year as white actors earned all 20 of the nominations in the lead and supporting categories. The outrage on social media was intense and there was an underlining concern that perhaps there was an issue which wasn’t addressed previously. According to the Los Angeles Times even the host quipped about the situation during the show.

The Oscar diversity issue might have died down last year after the Oscars, but it wasn’t forgotten. Professionals around Hollywood actually have continued the discussion and now the ballots are out for a new show with people asking again: will there be Oscar diversity? Many are asking if there will be an Oscar diversity moment in 2016 that legitimately reveals entertainers deserving recognition. There are so many actors and actresses, from every race, that deserve being honored but the issue at this point is the sensitivity of this concern is so strong that it will be a balancing act.

There is no doubt the world is watching Hollywood and when the Academy Awards announce the nominees in just a few short weeks, expect people to weigh in on the folks being honored. Last year Oscar diversity divided the country and many fans of the films were upset. This year the fan base can be honored by showing their voices were heard and diversity is possible when it comes to Hollywood too.

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