Alma Deutscher performs on ‘Ellen’; 8-year-old child prodigy wrote opera (video)

Alma Deutscher

Alma Deutscher

Alma Deutscher is an 8-year-old artist who has fans across the country in disbelief. The child prodigy can perform, play the violin and piano plus has written an opera. The talented kid was on The Ellen Show on Wednesday with fans tuning in to see the youngster as she calmly shared her talent.

While few individuals can claim to do more than go to school at age eight, there is no doubt that everyone feels like a slacker after watching Alma Deutscher on The Ellen Show. With impeccable manners, kind words and talent that is impossible to stop, the fans could only watch in awe as the young star performed.

In history there have been a number of talented artists highlighted that were child prodigies and became famous. On The Ellen Show, America was introduced to one individual who no doubt is taking the same path. The difference? Fans get to enjoy Deutscher’s talent live and embrace everything she has to offer as an artist.

Take a look at the video clip of Alma Deutscher on The Ellen Show. It’s obvious the live audience got a real treat when they got to see her in studio.

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