Amber Riley reveals excitement after making it to the ‘DWTS’ finals: ‘Let’s Do this’

Amber Riley had the ballroom audience on their feet on Monday night. The Dancing With the Stars contestant had two amazing performances and both had the best scores of the night. With a shoe in to win, the star now is working on making the Dancing With the Stars Final. It won’t be easy as she has some fierce competition, but she is ready for the challenge.

“How do I feel tonight after making it to the finals?!?!? Woooohooooo! Let’s do this!” tweeted Amber Riley from her official Twitter account. With the star sounding excited, she decided to include a link and give a look at how she was feeling too. Offering a cute picture, it was obvious she was ready with enthusiasm for the finals.

While the celebrity’s feet might be hurting, it’s about the end for the DWTS finals. There is only a few days to rehearse and it’s important that the steps are quickly learned and executed precisely. As time moves quickly, the finals will be here faster than a blink of an eye!

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