Anaheim vacation 2015: Disneyland or Disney California Adventure?

Considering your Anaheim vacation 2015? Will you be going to Disneyland or California Adventure? This year, more and more folks are expected to arrive at a Disney Resort for the 60th anniversary celebration. While some are excited about the festivities planned, other guests are wondering which is the best park if you only have one day to visit? Disneyland and Disney California Adventure both offer some amazing attractions to enjoy. However the difference between the parks depends solely on what you are looking to enjoy.

Disneyland is definitely the traditional theme park in so many aspects. Not only do you get to check out Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, but also the beautiful King Arthur Carrousel is wonderful to ride. Now there are some new and cool additions to the park as well. Mickey’s Toontown and of course Adventureland as some great attractions too. Most of these attractions are slower rides than what you might find at Disney’s California Adventure and they offer more traditional aspect of the theme parks. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and all the Disney pals are ready and waiting for guests to arrive.

Disney California Adventure is more contemporary. Taking characters from different Disney movies and the Disney Channel, the rides,attractions and shows have a sense of being part of pop culture. For example, in Cars Land you can drive through Radiator Springs. Or on the Little Mermaid attraction you grab a clamshell it goes under the sea just like Ariel. Of course, most of the characters from the Disney Channel are also on property at Disney California Adventure, making it a fun way for the kids to enjoy the day. The other main difference between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure is Paradise Pier. Feeling like the Santa Monica Pier, this location allows people to walk along the boardwalk and enjoy games, attractions and a huge roller coaster. Oh, and don’t forget the Ferris wheel too.

The decision to go to Disneyland or California Adventure depends on the type of rides you want to take. You’re looking for more contemporary atmosphere, then definitely Disney California Adventure is your park, but if you want to see Mickey Mouse in a more traditional sense than Disneyland is the place to head.

The majority of guests to arrive at the Disneyland Resort get a park hopper to check out books both parks. However, if you don’t have the time, or have decided to only go to one park then you get the most bang for your buck at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland.

Take a look at my new unofficial guide of the Disneyland Resort for 2015. There is plenty to see and do on your next vacation!

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