Ariana Grande album leaks a week before release: ‘Kinda sucks’

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande
(photo courtesy of Ariana Grande/Twitter)

Ariana Grande  is joining the list of artists who find their music online before the official released date. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and other entertainers are continuously being out maneuvered by fans who are unwilling to wait for lengthy released dates. On Thursday the Adriana Grande album had leaked online in the USA and was already being enjoyed by fans.

“My album leaked in the states which kinda sucks but I’m actually soooo excited that you all finally get to hear it… I love you guys, enjoy,” tweeted Ariana Grande from her official Twitter account on Thursday.

How hackers are getting albums prior to release dates has the music business actively reviewing the process. People who are supposed to be trusted with music and singles are finding the music to be worth a few extra bucks when copied and sent to the right people.

The outcome of leaked songs has been a mixed bag. Some artists like Lady Gaga used the opportunity to really get the word out about her music, but Grande might not be able to move up the release date on iTunes like Mother Monster. Instead Ariana can only hope that fans appreciate the time put into her music and buy a copy even if they heard a few of the songs online.

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