Ban on selfies? Celebrities on red carpets hear new rules

Can I have a selfie with you? The next time you ask that question to a Hollywood star there might be a surprising answer that follows. Hollywood celebrities are getting more and more defensive when it comes to getting shots with the fans in the pictures. This new trend has people focusing on their relationship to the star (either personally or geographically) and this is making the celebrity less important. Now film festivals are joining the anti-selfie cause. The ban on selfies has gotten pretty serious.

Selfies have developed right along with the cell phone. As the front facing cameras have offered better quality photographs, people often are finding the urge to take pictures next to famous sights and people. Even stars like taking selfies and that’s why the Cannes Film Festival has banned use on the red carpet.

The other big problem with stars and selfies is they overtake the traditional photographers job. A quick scan of any major celebrity on eBay will offer a look at people who received the autograph on memorabilia. This very popular fan hobby is being quietly phased out as people would rather have a free photo  than buy a picture of the famous person.

Of course the selfie sticks have been popular for a while, but even that is changing. Too many people have been hurt by the sticks so major theme parks and attractions have banned the use. This leaves the long arm, a cell phone and the random chance of meeting a celebrity to take a picture.

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