Bangs are back: Trending 2016 Hollywood hairstyles return

It’s official, 2016 is the year of the bangs. The hairstyle that took Hollywood by storm only four years ago has returned once again. The 2016 Hollywood hairstyles have fans surprised as people are noticing some of the most popular female celebrities trimming their hair to include a bang. Wispy, straight on, overly long and even short-short type bangs are being tried by stars. This trend appeared to have started earlier in the summer when Selena Gomez showcased her long bangs. From that point forward, there appeared to be a slew of stars who decided to give bangs a try for a fresh look and it’s only the middle of summer.

2016 Hollywood Hairstyles: Bangs

As the fans watch to see who returns to Hollywood after a summer hiatus with a new hairstyle, it’s obvious that the excitement is building on the idea of bangs being back in style. The style is popping up in paparazzi photographs, being highlighted in back to school issues of periodicals and even impacting the neighbors. The trend of bangs have a very subtle beginning of what will have people demanding a new look for their hair very soon.

Of course, if you find that bangs might be best tested before becoming permanent, you should consider what some of the biggest stars in Hollywood do to be part of trends. Instead of cutting their hair and risking an acting job, they decide to buy a wig and wear it for a few months. This allows them a chance to be part of the trend without any of the commitment. It’s also a great way to see if bangs fit your facial features. In some cases, bangs don’t fit certain face types making a person look strange. A wig allows you to play with different types of bangs to see what fits your face best. Plus, if you keep your wig around for a few years, after the 2016 Hollywood hairstyles fades away, you will be ready for it to return in four years which will be in 2020.


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