Best way to view LA skyline? A Parking garage

The Los Angeles skyline, especially as the sun is setting, might not be the typical place that you think of when it comes to sightseeing. There are so many companies offering tours and sharing the best of LA that sometimes the simple things get lost. Recently a friend of mine asked where was a good place to see the Los Angeles skyline and she said my answer was surprising.

The best place to see the buildings glimmer as the sun goes down is a parking garage. The Beverly Center has a tall garage that offers an amazing view. Closer to downtown in Korean Town, there is a free parking garage on Western and Olympic which gives an amazing view. You can even go inside the mall and get a drink to bring out and watch as the sun sets in the west.

Any parking garage would do when it comes to seeing the skyline. All it really needs is to face the downtown area, be at least six floors high and have a direct view. Being this high will also allow you to see the airplanes and helicopters that fly in the sky too. The type of parking garage that is best really does describe dozens of places and most of them are free to park, watch and then leave.

The buildings in the downtown Los Angeles area are so tall that they touch the sky. It’s a sight like no other and the chance to see it from a distance when the sun begins to set is worth the time. Add that it is free and it’s surprising more people don’t do this often.

For people that don’t live in the area, there are all sorts of great webcams that show the live feed of the sun setting over Los Angeles. Take a peek, find the perfect feed and see the amazing colors that comes with the end of the day.

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