Celebrity cruises: Stars take to the seas to meet fans, viewers

Celebrity cruises are a big business. In fact, in Hollywood you might find some big names out of town on excursions this summer. These are just your typical relaxing vacations. Most stars are going to play and to work. Yep, this Hollywood trend of meeting fans on the water isn’t exactly new, but it’s definitely become extremely popular!

The celebrity cruises are becoming popular

What is a perfect example of a celebrity cruise? Well, the Star Trek cruise is the perfect reflection of popular Hollywood influenced celebrity cruises. People who love the TV show and know all the details about the characters get on a massive cruise liner and head out into uncharted waters with other fans. Also there are celebrities. People like William Shatner have been on Star Trek cruises in the past. Add the excitement of being surrounded by like minded Star Trek fans and it’s perfect for anyone who is serious about their Star Trek love.

Many TV shows which have a strong following have celebrity cruises. The Twilight movie series had a celebrity cruise too. It’s one of those unique angles that brings the entertainment to the fans on a very personal level – even if it is out in the middle of the ocean!

Celebrity Cruises offer a unique trip

Looking to take a trip? Fans, TV viewers and even reality star followers are excited to find out that many stars are willing to book a cruise while mingling with their crowds. Unfortunately, there is no official list of celebrity cruises to review. It’s more of a word of mouth thing. Fans who are connected through social media and other platforms of certain shows and movies will see an announcement of the celebrity cruise. Sometimes the cruise is planned two or three years in advance (depending on the show) so there is enough time to ask the right stars and plan activities.

Would you ever consider going on a celebrity cruise? You might be surprised just how many TV and movie fans enjoy checking out their favorite shows hundreds of miles from the shore!

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