Celebrity Hollywood Pumpkins: Patterns for a scary Halloween 2017

Celebrity faces on Hollywood pumpkins aren’t anything new, but for Halloween 2017, the patterns available have become plentiful. Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year. The best of the pumpkin carvers come out of the shadows and show the rest of us how pumpkin carving is really done. As with everything in 2017, technology has touched everything to make it more precise and better. That’s why it should be no surprise that celebrity Hollywood pumpkins are becoming the rage.

Pumpkin faces: George Clooney to Mark Harmon

From the face of George Clooney to Mark Harmon, there is no stopping committed fans who love their favorite stars carving their favorites. An autograph and a selfie used to be the top prize, but now it’s more. You can’t toss a ball around Hollywood without seeing pumpkins of famous faces, shows logos and even unique moments of TV and movie history on porches. It used to be that dressing up as your favorite star was the thing to do, but not anymore. Hollywood pumpkins are a new way to appreciate celebrities and be super trendy.

With such an interest of this Hollywood trend, pumpkin patterns are the rage. People are offering up patterns to trace on pumpkins and then cut for people to enjoy free. Fans of the shows are sharing some of the best designs and people are getting in the mood for a Hollywood moment instead of a scary Jack-o-Lantern look. Frankly, if you do a quick random Google search you will see that fans are so creative that it’s hard to even think inside the box.

That’s why I am thankful for the pumpkin patterns online. A download and a pattern can be printed out from the computer. Then easily traced on top of a pumpkin with a marker. Then, after opening the top of the gourd and removing the seeds, the knife can cut on the lines to make a cool look. Obviously, if you are like me, this isn’t going to be perfect. It will be cool and lit from the inside (with one of those battery operated candles) unique in the dark.

Do research to find your Hollywood Pumpkin

If you can’t decide what celebrity Hollywood pumpkin to consider do some searching. Start with your favorite TV or movie. Patterns are typically free and many offer instructions! What a different way to celebrity this very popular holiday!

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