Celebrity snacks: What are famous people eating?

Celebrity snacks have been making headlines this week. It’s absolutely laughable to see this latest trend as well. It’s as if the tabloids are feeding the fan’s need to visually digest what the stars will be eating soon. The puns on this idea are endless and so are the stories being published

Celebrity snacks are the latest trend when it comes to focusing on the Hollywood dream. Of course fans check out the designer gowns, the stunning shoes and even those automobiles, but there is more. Tabloids are looking for something — anything — that will connect a star to the average person and it appears that is exactly what they put into their mouths.

Celebrity snacks get noticed

Branding has always been a big deal with Hollywood’s focus, but the celebrity snacks being highlighted are different than candy bars with famous faces. To avoid offering up favoritism to different stars, the tabloids are watching what the stars eat when they go out to dinner, pick up groceries and even run to the convenience store. These items are things we all buy, but if it is in a star’s hand, it might be more likely to be a story.

Take for example Miley Cyrus. Now everyone is over-analyzing what she is eating. Offering a list of foods she has been eating while seen on the streets, the masses are being fed what she is eating and suggesting it’s because she is pregnant. Is she? Nah, but it is another great way to speculate and bring in a massive amount of readership.

Frankly, the idea of connecting food to fans is brilliant. People will see a brand and think about the star. And if they see the star, they will think about the snack. It’s definitely a great way to catch the attention of anyone (and everyone) who eats too. And that’s probably 100% of the popular, give or take a person or two. When was the last time you ate something that could be coined as celebrity snacks?

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