Too Many Classic TV comebacks? Murphy Brown joins TV’s fall lineup

Are there too many classic TV comebacks in our near future? Will TV this fall be a heavy lineup of programs offering a flash from the past? The odd thing about television viewing these days is that we are revisiting successful shows that ended decades ago. No, I am not talking about Seinfeld (however, I wouldn’t mind that). There are a number of shows expected to return to the air. Some are in production. Others will be on TV this fall.

Hollywood's classic tv comebacks

From the success of Roseanne’s sitcom returning to television (before she opened her mouth) to the interest in Will & Grace, TV fans have been open and delighted to pick up where their characters have left off.

Last season, the few TV shows that reflected popular shows of the past revealed that fans want more of this type of programming, which has technically opened the floodgates to more TV shows too. Now viewers are poised to see another great classic TV show, Murphy Brown.

This whole revision to the classic TV shows has me wondering, what makes these older sitcoms so appealing to update now? Perhaps it was the time when cell phones, computers and other simple aspects of life were manageable. Now, the characters are transported into today’s world and they have to deal with the latest things in life … just like we do.

Classic TV comebacks: Viewers love returning characters

The sure bet of viewers tuning in to these shows is another reason viewers are going to watch. The characters are familiar and we all know their go-to mannerisms. It’s bound to have a comfort level not seen on most sitcoms today. It’s a draw that’s a natural interest to those who love to watch telly.

There is something about the guilty pleasure that comes with watching a sitcom we are already familiar with. It makes us look forward to connecting with our friends (yes, those popular characters on TV) in a whole new way.

As for Murphy Brown’s return, this might be the biggest comeback yet. The news business gets a whole new look into the realm of today’s competitive digital landscape. It begs to ask, why wouldn’t you want to watch?

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