Clean a Hollywood Star? What if everyone took time to shine one?

The idea of cleaning a Hollywood star has hit the front page of the newspapers around the country. Obviously, this was a political figure who’s star was defaced (and cleaned) but it brought up a very interesting idea. What would happen if everyone just wiped down a star before they took a picture. Yes, just gave it a sprucing up to make it cleaner? It’s an interesting idea revolving around a very busy tourist attraction.

The Hollywood Star idea has everyone looking at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and asking why these might be dirty in the first place. Placed within the concrete slabs of the Los Angeles hub, thousands of people walk over the stars daily. Some even stop to add a little dirt and grime (if they don’t like the person) as a bit of a spiteful moment. Then there are the weather elements that come with living in a metro area. Add the idea that some of the stars have been around for decades, and the sidewalk gets dirty. Simple as that!

Clean a Hollywood star? A neighborhood project?

The idea of who is responsible for cleaning up a Hollywood star might be murky as it’s several agencies working together. That doesn’t mean locals couldn’t make it a neighborhood project to clean the stars. Or random people show up to make one of the 2,614 shine with a little elbow grease. In fact, if the latest endeavor of one individual can create such an interest, there should be a way everyone can pitch in. It would only take 2,614 people and the area sees ten times that many folks on an average summer day.

A few Hollywood stars will need more than soap for TLC

The Hollywood Walk of Fame has been good when it comes to fixing any broken stars (for whatever reason) but there are still a few more sidewalk monuments that could use a little TLC. Obviously, that’s a job for the professionals. Still, we, the fans of TV music and radio, could pitch in to make the stars a little brighter on Hollywood Boulevard without breaking too much of a sweat!

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