Climate change is Hollywood’s priority? Stars step up

Climate change isn’t exactly entertainment material. Perhaps that’s why everyone was so surprised to see Jimmy Kimmel’s video on the concerns scientists have over the temperatures of the earth. Yes, it was awkward in a way, but it has caused people to start talking about the earth (and Kimmel too).

Celebrities have created awareness about social issues for decades. They seem to find one particular subject that is near and dear to their hearts and they start talking about it to raise awareness. This trend isn’t anything new. However, what is new is the different ways climate change is being exposed. Not only are there many stars talking about the issue, there is an influx of smart people stepping up to discuss it in ways fans understand (like normal folks) and the celebrities are also keeping the political aspect out of the issue.

Climate change is a focus in Hollywood

Focusing on facts instead of scary fodder, the message seems to be getting out. Got to admit it’s weird though. Like in Jimmy Kimmel’s video, it’s nearly impossible to be watching scientists swearing in a funny way. And their job titles – well, God help us all. The specialized fields looked nearly impossible to pronounce (of course we all know it means they know a lot more about the world than we do.)

There are a number of other celebrities getting out the word about climate change. It’s become the discussion around Hollywood and around the world. From donating millions to making corny videos, the stars are looking to impact this discussion on every level. Remember Hollywood starts many trends. A number of these trends are frivolous and worthless things that don’t even remotely impact fans in the real world. That blue hair fad is over and the vintage look for the summer is a take it or leave it fashion. This topic is different. Climate change is being debated by everyone. And it begins with the single more important question: Is climate change real?

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