Comic-Con taken over by Hollywood? Time to move to LA

The 2015 Comic-Con is over and people are coming home from San Diego with their car trunks full of swag. It was a great event as fans once again got the chance to hear about some of the best TV shows, movies and even comic books expected to hit the world later this year and in 2016. However, as many people pointed out, San Diego is too small for this Hollywood event.

I expect to see daggers thrown my direction when I say this, but it is time for Comic-Con to move to Los Angeles. I know I could be struck down by the evil forces of San Diego locals, but it’s impossible not to see how Hollywood has completely infiltrated this conference and really owns it now.

Almost everything about the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con was Hollywood based. From the gigantic banners plastered on the hotels that can be seen for miles, to the TV show ads on the buses that drive around the streets. Collectively, the hype was from the Los Angeles and Hollywood based studios. Celebrities from the entertainment world made the drive down to San Diego for the panels and then drove home to Los Angeles. Add that the swag being carried around by the fans highlighted Hollywood’s best TV and films. It’s sad to say, yet Comic-Con has grown up and really has little to no San Diego flair anymore.

Another issue this year was the 2015 Comic-Con venue is too small to accommodate everyone. There are no onsite ticket sales and not everyone can partake as even the outside events are absolutely packed. If you don’t plan to buy a ticket in March, it’s not worth going as people are being bluntly turned away on the days of the event. It’s ridiculous in so many ways.

All of these issues, plus the convenience that the Hollywood studios would have with the show only a few miles away has me saying out loud that Comic-Con needs to move to Los Angeles. The geeks, fans and even crazy costumes folks are going to follow wherever the event is placed. Add that more people are becoming interested in the event and there is no room for growth and something needs to be done. Over the years E3 has been successful in Los Angeles and Comic-Con would be too.


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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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