Computer meltdown; life after your technology dies

Computer keyboardAround my Hollywood office it appears that technology is on the fritz. After a bad electrical surge the oldest computer I have here at the office is dead. The laptop was on life support in some ways, but even so, losing what is on the computer and the years I have been using it makes it a pretty sad ending. Of course I know I need to haul it into the tech store and get what is off the hard drive and then move on.

I know, I am sounding sad about Dee Dee (yes, I  name my computers.) I got her myself and she had every bell and whistle there was when she arrived overnight express on my birthday six years ago. I promised her a trip around the world, but she only got as far East as New York City and as far South as Miami. I took her to Canada and Mexico, but she didn’t make it to Asia to vacation (then again neither did I.)

She literally cranked out the words on her keyboard as I wrote about Hollywood. With rubbed off keys and dust trapped between every crevice on the machine, her wear and tear was high on the threshold. Yep, she battled on even after the CD reader broke and the button to turn on the machine fell off. Never once complaining about her issues of falling apart she always had the ideal spot facing the window looking at the Hollywood sign.

While humans get sentimental about their animals and other people, it always isn’t the case for computers and cell phones. Nor tablets. We view them as tools and sometimes forget about the wonders these instruments offer us in exchange for usage.

There are people who get real close to their cars and people who treat their boats like royalty. When it comes to my life, because the machines help me share my voice, I admit that I treat them like family. And yes, it’s a little corny to name a computer.

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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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