Dancing With the Stars audience fun; ticket holders see dancing live

Dancing with the Stars

Fans line up for Dancing With the Stars

Dancing With the Stars is the hottest ticket in Hollywood. Never mind that it is free. Or that dancing isn’t suppose to be popular. Anyone who doesn’t know someone at the show has to jump through hoops to see the show live. That’s why bragging about getting a seat at the ballroom is so acceptable. Less then 300 people see the show live a week.

The process of getting tickets is tedious. Sign up online on a wait list. You are emailed when there is space. It’s first come first serve so email junkies (like me) can get the tickets first. Then you show up and watch. Simple? Well, if you weren’t going to be competing with the other fans, maybe.

Since there is no guarantee to see the show, you have to be at the show line incredibly early to get a seat. The ticket says 3 p.m. but if you come at 2 p.m., don’t expect a seat. Yeah, you need to be there at 1 p.m. the latest. And you need to dress the part. The show requires everyone to come in their Sunday best.

Being that there are no cell phones, purses, and other stuff allowed, entertaining yourself from the time you arrive until showtime is essential. Most of the time the fans stand outside the CBS lot on Melrose and wait along a wire fence. What can be done to pass the time? Well mingle, but after a while even that gets dull. So like this week, the best thing to do is amuse thy self at another person’s expense.

There were many cars that stopped on Melrose today and asked what we were waiting for. Of course we shared were all in line for Dancing With the Stars. After a while it became annoying and a bit creepy to keep answering. The cars rolled up like they were looking for a good time and saw 300 well dressed people to choose from. They looked so very disappointed hearing the truth.

After the umpteenth car, I decided to take  it upon myself to spice things up. I was excited to answer these slow driving fools and share what they really wanted to hear.  Instead of offering up the real answer, I gave them something enticing.

So why were we in line?

We were all extras in Chuck Norris movie about cowboy robots set in the future.

Waiting to pick up our free chicken McNuggets prize for a year after winning a fasting competition.

We were part of a bunion reunion to be filmed at the studio.

We were part of a new reality show about people who eat paper towels.

And my personal favorite……

The Pope was in town and we all were chosen to get his autograph.

The expressions of the commuters were priceless. Everyone seemed satisfied with an answer that wasn’t about the show.

As for the show, it was lovely. Disney Music and perfect dancing! The show was worth my wait and all that is left is to write up the details of the dancing! Alas life is Hollywood always seems amusing.


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