Dancing With the Stars tickets: Fans want to see show live

The fans of Dancing With the Stars tickets are in need and fans are already looking for seats for the upcoming season. The professional dancers list was released and rumors are swirling on who will hit the stage next. Frankly, with so many celebrities already part of the show, people wonder who else might decide to try their fate on the ballroom floor.

In many ways it really doesn’t matter who arrives on stage in front of the cameras as half the fun is seeing the show live. Giving people an epic performance to dissect, consider and discuss, this show isn’t just a reality competition but a window to professional ballroom dancing. This is why Dancing With the Stars tickets are so popular.

The studio definitely has a special feeling when seeing the TV performances live. The entertainers are only feet away from the audience and the music envelopes the room as it starts to play for each dance. The experience of seeing just how tough it is to have all the right moves might be the reason why people will wait hours outside the studio in hopes to be a few of the lucky audience members.

Even with tickets, there is no guarantee that fans will get a seat in to the theater for the live taping. The studio overbooks the show and last season dozens of people waited with only a few actually getting inside. The trick to getting to see a show? Knowing a celebrity who is part of the cast.  In order of tickets, the seats are first filled by friends of the stars, then priority tickets (held by people who previously waited for a Dancing With the Stars show for hours who then were turned away and asked to come back again) and then new ticket holders.

There are a few other costs most fans don’t consider when checking out the show too. It costs at least $20 minimum for parking at The Grove next door, there is a need for water which CBS sells that for a couple bucks and finally dressing up in heels means spending hours on your feet so you might need to rent a CBS chair too. So to actually see the show this season might cost close to $50 just for parking fees and essentials. And then again, it’s possible to be turned away.

Being that the reality show is so popular, people do need to come early to get a seat. In fact, the earlier the better as the call time on the tickets isn’t going to be the best time to arrive. Most fans last season arrived at the studio around noon for a 3 p.m. call time just to be turned away as the audience was already full.

How popular will Dancing With the Stars tickets be this year? The ticket outlets are already offering priority tickets with a catch. First fans are required to show up for a taping of another game show and then their names will be placed on the priority list. This so-called offer shows just what fans will do for a seat near the ballroom as sitting through a lame game show isn’t tough for some of the best seats in Hollywood.

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