Demand pricing? Hollywood attractions tickets vary on day

Demand Pricing? Hollywood area attractions have a new policy that is raising eyebrows around the United States, but hasn’t been discussed much in the Los Angeles area. While it’s nothing new for folks who fly or stay at a hotel, it’s definitely new for people coming to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Let’s face it. 2016 is the year of Harry Potter. Opening an new area in Universal Studios Hollywood, it’s going to be slammed all summer. Tourists are going to be thrilled and so will the locals who focus on tourism. With all those warm bodies checking out the attractions, it should be exciting. What most people don’t know is that the new form of fees is demand pricing and what you pay depends on the day you will play.

There is a demand for being first at any show or event so it’s not surprising to pay a higher price. It is different for a theme park who is projecting what might be the busiest days and asking for fees accordingly. The way Universal Studios Hollywood is changing up the pricing is unique too. The gate price will be the same — no matter what day you go. Where the prices start moving on the scale is when you book online and the prices flex to accommodate what is expected to be the crowds for the day. A ticket on Tuesday will be far less than a ticket on Saturday.

Demand Pricing seems to be the new normal

Universal Studios Hollywood hasn’t heard from a lot of locals about this pricing structure, but that’s probably because residents have passes to go. Add that most people avoid the summer months (it’s a line thing) and there is little to no chatter about the change. People outside of Los Angeles have definitely been talking. Some folks are upset they are bringing the family during busy days and could be paying more for a ticket. The moral of this story? Vacation in Los Angeles during February. I just checked and it’s 80 degrees outside along with plenty of blue sky!


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