Disney California Adventure rides: 5 not to miss attractions your kids will love

Going to the Disney California Adventure Park in 2015? Families who make memories in the park find themselves overwhelmed at the combination between Disneyland and something that you might find at a pier setting in Southern California. There are some wonderful rides you can take with your family and the kids will appreciate it!

So Disney California Adventure rides better than Disneyland rides? Not exactly but what is interesting is these rides offer a different type of thrill and the kids love it to death!

So what Disney California rides are not to miss for the kids?

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Some of these floors seem to be a bit but the older kids – teens and tweens – will love this ride. Minimum height is 40 inches and even if the younger kids don’t get a chance to ride, make sure they get a chance to see the gift store. There’s quite a few interesting items in the store.

Radiator Springs Racers. It’s a must take a road trip to Radiator Springs and then race around the track in Ornament Valley. It’s delightful to the kids get a chance to have a little speed a lot of wonderful moments.

Toy Story Midway Mania. This attraction is a must do for anyone who is interested in Toy Story or someone who loves videos. Sometimes the line is a little bit long, so make sure you make this ride a priority before the day is long!

Golden Zephyr. Cool rockets rip around in circles and the kids will be screaming for joy! One of the best kept secrets at Disney California Adventure, once you go on a ride like this it’s hard not to want to go again.

The Little Mermaid Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Ariel invites all guests to check out her life under the sea. Combining a clamshell ride with songs, dancing and music this is nothing short of a wonderful journey.


Grizzly River Run. This whitewater adventure for youngsters who have a minimum height of 42 inches. However once your raft starts going down the whitewater you forget how tall or short you are as the roar of the thundering water seems to take you away in a fun journey

Soaring Over California. More amazing views are found as guests are given a lift and ushered across the sky in this amazing flight simulator.

While the kids might not be impressed with all the Disney California Adventure rides, they definitely will love getting a chance to experience Disney’s unique way of presenting their characters!

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