Disney Princess Pancakes: Batter creates Cinderella

When it comes to the Disney princesses, fans have most likely seen it all. From mini dolls to sweatshirts and every product in-between, the princess power is on overload. However, Nathan Shields might blow your mind with his Disney princess pancakes. The portraits are amazing and it’s impossible to consider putting syrup on these faces.

This artist uses a hot griddle to make fluffy pieces of delicious art and the outcome looks almost too good to eat. From Mulan to Cinderella and every princess Disney has come up with, the artist uses different colors of batter to set in the hot pan and builds a face that matches the famous stories to boot. First seen in a Youtube video, the creation is almost impossible to believe as it unfold before your eyes.

The best part of the Disney princess pancakes has to be the response received by the fans. The youngster in the video squeals with joy as she gets to see the results of what the pancakes looks like. The princesses lay on her plate waiting for her to eat them. It goes to show that princess power does exist, even if it is a breakfast food!

Too bad this talented artist isn’t seen at the Disneyland Resort (or D23 later this year) as the fans would be lining up in awe to watch him work over a hot stove.

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