Disneyland 60th anniversary plans: Mickey Mouse to celebrate with fireworks, shows

Disneyland is celebrating a diamond anniversary in 2015. The Disneyland 60th anniversary plans have been announced and guests going to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim are going to be delighted to see new shows, fireworks and above all new entertainment to celebrate Walt Disney’s original theme park.

Disneyland 60th anniversary plans are starting to leak out and so far guests can be more excited about what is planned Not only will there be a new parade, which will include new floats and characters that light up, it appears that the new stuff will go  beyond the typical traditional characters seen at the park. Walking down Main Street USA guests are expected to view amazing spectacle of lights that includes characters from the different Disney movies including Cars, Bugs Life and even Toy Story.

Disneyland 60 anniversary plans also include a special Main Street USA performance

Disney has an amazing spectacular light show against Main Street USA buildings planned. Sharing a galactic beauty of lights to hid the tops of the building’s the show you something that has been seen against the castle in Disney World but never as elaborate as suggested at Disneyland. Many people can hardly wait to see what happens and how it will look.

What else will be part of a special celebration? Well everyone’s expecting to have memorabilia and merchandise for the 60th anniversary and anyone who was at the 50th anniversary knows there will be lots more celebration plans announced for the year ahead. Starting in May Disneyland will begin a massive celebration of the mouse house and people from around the world will have a chance to actually enjoy new shows and a new look at the happiest place on earth

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