Disneyland on the cheap 2015: 5 ways for less money, more mouse

Going to check out Disneyland on the cheap 2015?  It’s definitely possible to see the mouse on the cheap side. This year Disneyland is having the 60th anniversary party and everyone is going to be hanging out at the happiest place on earth. While you still have to buy tickets, and you will need to eat, there are plenty of ways you can save cash when you arrive at the Disneyland resort.

One thing is for certain, it’s foolish to think that you can buy tickets cheap and not get ripped off. While there may be discounts online, tickets are nontransferable and everyone’s picture is taken to make sure so don’t buy a used ticket ever. The Disneyland website is your safest bet for value and genuine tickets as this will guarantee actual admission!

Saving cash at the Mouse House is possible too. Here’s how:

Bringing your own food and beverages. Well, it’s cool to enjoy a beverage and a snack, if you plan to eat more than once at the theme park it gets a little pricey. Soda pop is three bucks for a 20 ounce bottle. And cookies are three bucks too. Bringing some snacks and water to save some cash.

Go during the off season. Hotels are much cheaper in Anaheim when the crowds are out of town. Disneyland and Disney California Resort is open 365 days a year. That means you can go anytime and some of the best times of the year to go without the overwhelming crowds are in January and February.

Buy the souvenirs before you go. Many of the souvenirs on site are very expensive. Instead of buying all of your Disneyland merchandise on the park property, consider the local stores to cut down on some of your expenses. The local Walmart, Kmart and gift shops around the area offer quality merchandise for a lot less money. Technically, it’s not official Disneyland Resort merchandise, but the kids will still love couple of shirts. Consider getting one Disneyland official shirt and a couple not so official shirts off property.

Consider parking off property. Parking your cars is expensive at the Disneyland Resort, if you don’t have yearly pass. It’s one of the safest places to stash your car, but there are other places too. Many locals avoid parking fees by grabbing the local bus and leaving their car at the park and ride a couple of miles away. For a buck fifty each way, visitors are shuttled straight to the front gate at the Disneyland Resort, and the car at the public lot for free. This is perfect for a small family or someone who is looking to cut expenses.

Join triple AAA. Working with the Disneyland Resort, AAA has some remarkable deals for staying at the property, buying tickets and other discounts that typically aren’t seen by other guests who just show up the front gates. If you are a member, make sure to find out what offers they have available as this might be the biggest discount you can find for Disneyland.

Disneyland on the cheap 2015 2015 is definitely possible. Keep an eye on the pocketbook utilize the steps above to see how much cash you could save! For additional suggestions, check out my new 2015 Unofficial Guidebook of the Disneyland theme park!

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