Disneyland Day trips: 5 Places to visit less than 10 minutes away from the Resort

2018 Disneyland Day trips Feeling like you need a Disneyland day trip? Perhaps a little time away from the Disneyland Resort on your 2018 vacation? Yes, it’s possible that maybe your youngsters might be enjoying Mickey Mouse, but you’re feeling a little tired of the character fun. Not to worry. There are some great places to check out near the Disneyland Resort that you could visit with or without a car.

Disneyland Resort Transportation Options

Besides the typical transportation from the airport, there are many ways to get around the Resort area. You could rent a car. Take public transportation. Or hire a car service like Uber. If you don’t want to spend too much, you could even walk to some of the close places to visit.

5 Places to visit less than 10 minutes away (Disneyland Day trips)

  • Take to the skies at the Flight Deck Air Combat Center. This is an authentic military flight simulation center. Test your skills on equipment that fighter pilots use to train for their jobs. It’s thrilling, odd and only three miles away from Disneyland. www.flightdeck1.com
  • Play ball at Angel Stadium. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim play about three miles away from the front gates of Disneyland. The games are perfect for an evening (or afternoon) away and fun for the whole family. www.mlb.com/angels
  • Learn about the area at the Bowers Museum. A unique collection highlighting California’s Native Americans, this is a well known collection in Southern California. Only five miles away, you could spend an afternoon learning more about the history of the area. www.bowers.org
  • Explore hands on science at The Cube. Only six miles from the mouse house, the Discovery Cube OC is a kid friendly place to explore the world. Plan to spend a little time checking out over 100 exhibits and learning all about our world! www.discoverycube.org
  • Say hello to Snoopy at Knott’s Berry Farm. Snoopy and Mickey Mouse are neighbors? Yep, they live only seven miles apart and Snoopy has some thrilling attractions too. If you go, plan to spend all day (and get ready to scream.) www.knotts.com

There are a number of great restaurants, shopping experiences and beaches close to the Anaheim resort too. A Disneyland day trip is a great way to explore the area!

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