Disneyland Kennel: Disneyland Resort boards dogs, cats, pets on vacation

Do you need the Disneyland Kennel? It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of January or during the summer in June your dogs, cats and other pets must never be left at in the vehicles at Disneyland Resort. It’s too hot with the Southern California sun and dangerous as the dogs and cats could die without sufficient water. However, Disneyland Resort has not forgotten Fido and all his pals. Fact perhaps we should thank Pluto as the Disneyland kennel is open for dogs and cats to stay while guests are at the Disney California Adventure theme park or Disneyland.

The Disneyland kennel operates on a first-come, first-serve basis and it is located to the south of the Disneyland entrance gates. The facility offers a place for your cat or dog to stay while you visit the park. It is important to note you are responsible to walk the pet or take care of the animal in appropriate intervals. All the employees do at this location is keep an eye to make sure the dogs and cats stay cool and safe period

To get into the Disneyland Resort with an animal you will either need to walk to the kennel or you can take the tram from the Mickey and Friends lot. However if you park in the Woody or Jesse lot you won’t be able to take the bus as the bus drivers refuse service to those individuals with animals even if they’re in carriers. When you get to the resort you are required to pay in advance and fill out a form with your emergency information in case there’s an issue. Plus you must provide adequate documentation for shots of the animal that are current as well.

What are the Disneyland Kennel hours?

Disneyland kennel hours vary, based on the actual Disneyland Resort hours and usually are open one hour prior to opening and one hour after closing. However it is never a good idea to wait till last minute to board your animals at the facility as it could fill up, especially during the summer months

What to do if the Disneyland Kennel is full?

What if the Disneyland Kennel is not available because it is at capacity? If the Disneyland kennel is not available you have several choices nearby. The Petsmart in Cerritos is five minutes away and you can board your animals there during business hours with proper paperwork. Another place is the local veterinarian around the corner. However those facilities are not convenient as being at the Disneyland Resort and you must keep an eye on your time so Fido doesn’t end up spending the night if you don’t get back on time (and you must consider the traffic around the area too.)

Always use the Disneyland kennel or another facility for your dogs and cats during your vacation. Pets should never be left in the car. With the heat in the area it’s just not a good solution to make the kids, dogs and cats wait in the car.

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