Disneyland Resort Souvenir fun: 5 keepsakes for less than a buck

Disneyland Resort Souvenir secrets You Want an inexpensive Disneyland Resort Souvenir? It might be hard to believe, but it’s possible. The chance of getting an inexpensive keepsake isn’t for the lucky, it’s for everyone. Some of the best Disneyland Resort souvenirs don’t cost big money, but offer up big memories.

Make a Disneyland Resort Souvenir Penny (or a Darth Vader Souvenir Quarter)

In 2018 Disneyland Resort has brought back the penny and quarter machines! For those Disney fans, the idea of making memories one coin at a time was big during the Diamond Celebration a few years ago. Then the machines quietly went away. Well, the penny and quarter machines are back with amazing designs to celebrate Disneyland, Mickey Mouse (and all his pals) along with Star Wars. Every design is less than a buck (and totally worth it). The coins are perfect souvenirs to remember the magic!

Free Buttons at Guest Services

If you stop by Guest services at either park at the Disneyland Resort you can get a special button to wear. From First Time Guest, to Making Memories, the buttons are fun to proudly display as you walk around and enjoy the day. In fact, this is one of the best Disneyland Resort souvenirs that is offered as the cast members personalize them with your name and you get to take it home (all FREE!)

Autopia Souvenir Driver’s License

If you’re feeling like hitting the freeways, Disney style, you might want to check out Autopia for a quick drive. Not quite as drastic as I-5, the fun track is perfect for the youngsters AND you can get a free driver’s license. Honestly, this might be the only time you can control your photo, so pick up the license and if you want to pony up some change, get a photo too. Don’t be fooled though, you can’t use this ID to get into any clubs. Unless it’s the Mickey Mouse Club, of course!

Free Guides, Maps & More

The Disneyland Resort offers some pretty interesting free things that most people look over because they are everyone. Yes, I’m talking about the Disneyland Maps at the entrance gates and all those guides littered around the front of the park. Perfect for scrap booking, most have dates on the material to remember your time. Many freebies highlighting what is happening on the day of the

Be part of a Show – Jedi Training Certificate

Kids at the Disneyland Resort get special souvenirs when they get involved in the shows. The Jedi Training – Trials of the Temple show offers a fun bit for kids to be involved in and afterwards they get a special certificate. Your young Jedi will enjoy their training and have a certificate to train too.

Find your best Disneyland Resort souvenir within your reach. Just start looking for the small, fun things this theme park offers!

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