Disneyland Valentine’s Day 2015: 5 attractions perfect for date night

Disneyland Valentine’s Day 2015 is going to be full of love. Where will you be taking your sweetheart this year? If you’re thinking about going to the Disneyland Resort, it’s a perfect place for date night. For years people have gone away to the Happiest Place on Earth without bringing the kids and there are some wonderful things to do on Valentine’s Day at the Disneyland Resort.

If you are going, make an evening by making a reservation at the most popular restaurant and perfect for anyone who is a Disney fan: the Blue Bayou restaurant. The table service is considered to be the best in the park and the famous Monte Cristo sandwich is perfect for a light lunch before some serious fast rides.

If you’re thinking about going on the rides there are some really great attractions to check out that offer cuddling, riding in the dark, holding hands or just forgetting the world with your best friend. Here’s our five favorite attractions perfect for date night.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Going around the mountains fast means plenty of hand-holding and screaming. It’s the perfect ride to snuggle a little closer.

Star Tours the Adventures Continue. Another great ride to enjoy a little fun and still can sit in the dark to sneak a kiss. Let the force be with you!

Indiana Jones Adventure. The ride may be bumpy, but sitting next to your best friend will make it even easier to get through. Plus with all the fun on this attraction would be a sin not to check out this ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean. This ride is getting plenty of down time as you float along and view the story plus you can ask for your own row. It’s a kind of romantic that gives a little privacy while checking up on Captain Jack Sparrow.

And finally, don’t forget to ride the Matterhorn. This ride is one of the best rides when it comes to getting close to one another. Sitting side by side around the corners in a fast pace couples can enjoy scenic views of the theme park. It’s perfect for a date ride, especially for someone who loves Disney.

If riding the attractions isn’t what you’re hoping to do on your date night, consider grabbing one of those cute Mickey Mouse or Minnie dolls that represent Disneyland Valentine’s Day 2015 as a gift. Available at all of the merchandise stores the cute dolls are perfect gift for the Disney lover in your life, and a romantic stroll down Main Street USA is perfect for anyone who wants to spend some time with the love in their life.

If you are looking for more Disneyland information for a 2015 vacation, check out my Unofficial Disneyland 2015 Guidebooks.

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