Disneyland VIP Tour 2018: 7 Tips to Feel Like a VIP (without Paying the Price)

Disneyland VIP Tours in 2018

Going to Disneyland in 2018? Wouldn’t it be nice to have an escort by a Disneyland cast member and get special treatment? Well, if you’re like me, you are lucky to be at the theme park and getting a Disneyland VIP tour is out of the question as it’s too expensive. To have front of the line access, a cast member dedicated to your party and premium parking is a couple of thousand bucks.

Disneyland VIP Tour isn’t just for rich folks anymore

The Disneyland VIP Tour is how celebrities at Disneyland get around. With all the crowds and plenty of fans, it’s an alternative to waiting in line and being bombarded for autographs and pics. With room for up to 9 guests per party, the cast members can make the day enjoyable and fun.

If you are thinking a Disneyland VIP Tour is out of the question, you could always use a few hacks to make your trip special and you might not notice a big difference. Of course, you won’t get invited into Club 33, but then again the kids might not be that impressed.

7 Tips to Feel Like a Disneyland VIP

  • Plan your day. If you are wanting to walk up and ride an attraction just like those special people, you can. Get to the park early and be ready to quickly walk to your attraction of choice. You will be some of the first guests in line. Also, cut out the entertainment (or go to the second showing) and get
  • Find the best spots early. Wanting a good spot for watching the parades, seeing the stage shows without any big ears in front of you and a front row seat at the nighttime spectaculars? Me too! Find the best spots early and claim your area. If you have a big party, one person can wait while others ride the attractions and then switch off.
  • Use FASTPASS to get your rides in. The more popular the ride, the longer the line. Use your FASTPASS wisely and get a shorter line experience. This opportunity is available to anyone who has a ticket so download the app OR use the machines as you figure out which rides your party wants to enjoy.
  • Don’t rush to Mickey Mouse before noon. Character pictures are popular with the kids. It’s a perfect way to remember your vacation at Disneyland too. However avoid the temptation to get the pictures “out of the way” at the beginning of the day. They lines are the longest before noon. Circle back in the afternoon and see how enthusiastic Mickey is to see you (and the lines will be much shorter.)
  • Make reservations for restaurants way in advance of your vacation. Wanting to check out one of the restaurants on the property? You need a reservation to get in. Blue Bayou sometimes requires reservations at least two months in the spring. Longer in the summer. Thinking about walking up? Forget about it! Who would dump a reservation to miss a meal at one of the most popular restaurants on the planet?
  • Take photos early and often. The camera in your pocket might be all you need for some amazing shots! The photopass is popular at disney and it comes with all Disneyland VIP Tours, but you don’t need it to showcase your amazing vacation. An iPhone or Samsung can the best camera you need to catch all the special moments. While group photos are always a little tricky, be friendly and ask a stranger to get a few group shots in front of the castle.

The best thing about creating your own 2018 Disneyland VIP Tour is that it’s exactly what you want to do! What could be better!!!

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