Are film characters endorsing candidates? Hollywood weighs in

Film characters are loved by the world. From Marvel’s superheroes to obscure individuals who are made up as part of cinema history like Louise Elizabeth Sawyer who is the lead character from Thelma and Louise. Fans know these characters aren’t real, but it appears that these fake people are probably a little too influential in our culture today. Yes, we buy shirts with film character quotes, make up suggestions on how characters would act in the moment and even mimic their voices. However, it’s surprising to see that Hollywood’s biggest stars are suggestion how their characters on film might vote.

One of the Hollywood Reporter headlines today reads “Robert Downey Jr. Says Tony Stark Would Back Hillary Clinton.” If that isn’t a shocker, you’ve got to question what is. While film characters get many looks, it’s impossible to ignore that people just might vote a certain way because a star suggests their favorite character would too. Keep in mind Captain America: Civil War opens this weekend and fans will be seriously influenced by the film (just like they would for any other film) so to make such a statement is quite alarming.

Film Characters are Powerful in the Minds of Fans

The power found with film characters isn’t a new thing. We fantasize about characters in comic books, novels and even short stories. Fans long to escape their lives and enjoy hanging out with someone else and indulging in life as we don’t know. Perhaps this is why suggesting a character would vote a certain way is alarming. It rips apart the magic that is found when we connect to characters outside our lives. It defines principles that perhaps aren’t what we embrace and it is annoying to anyone who is trying to escape the real world.

Defining that Tony Stark is a Clinton supporter might be a bad move for Robert Downey Jr. and ultimately the film. It might turn people off before they even get to the movie theater. Instead stars should let movies play to the fans without any reality elements and then the stars should officially endorse their own candidate using their own voice.

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