Dodger fever: Celebrities line up to watch World Series games

Dodger fever is high pitch in Hollywood. With the World Series in the final stretch and winning Game 7 is the only way to get the trophy, the world is watching Los Angeles. Most fans might be looking at the field during the plays, but even the fair weather fans want a glimpse of the stands. Dodger fever has Hollywood wrapped up in blue too. Famous people are getting excited at the prospects of the Dodger finally winning the biggest reward in the MLB.

Dodger fever slowly grows

The interest in the Dodgers has always been part of Los Angeles culture and Hollywood for that matter. There are serious Dodger fans in this city. You will see the series fans support just as strong in the middle of the World Series as you might in January. Then there are the rest of us. Yep, those people who don’t have tickets, but scrambled to get a pair when it was announced the team was in the World Series. As Dodger fever grew, even famous people wanted to be seen and bought tickets where the cameras could see them.

In every game played in Los Angeles, the cameras have panned to famous folks. We all love seeing Vin Scully in the box, enjoying the game, but as fans we see more. The everyday actor cheering on the team is found in the front (or second) row. The reality star is sipping beer only a few rows back. And then there are the sport celebrities and legendary celebrities scattered around the park. All in all, there seems to be growing interest in the game.

World Series Game 7 puts Dodger fever on blast

The final game of this series will put Dodger fever on blast Wednesday night. There will be a sea of blue in the crowd. Even more famous people than you can count on your hands and toes. Any good public relations person with famous clients has secured tickets. Preferably an easy camera spotting that offers more publicity than a spot on a late night talk show. Millions of people (and yes I do mean millions) will be watching tonight as both teams have everything to lose if they don’t play their best.

The biggest winner of this year’s baseball season might be Houston and Los Angeles. Pulling the series out to seven games has really impacted the economy of both towns. Plus the excitement of the competition has people humming as many are in a good mood. The games have brought people closer together and created a bond in communities where life seems to be less than predictable. Who knew Dodger fever could be a good thing to be infected with? Now we only need to see who wins this crazy series!!

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