Downtown Disney Anna and Elsa Boutique: Disney’s Frozen fans delight

Downtown Disney Anna and Elsa Boutique is the place for Disney’s Frozen fanatics to start. It might have opened a few months ago, but this location is still the hot spot for all the “Frozen” frenzy. Disney’s movie created an international sensation. When coming to Disneyland Resort, the Downtown Disney location is a wonderful place where Frozen fans can shop and look just like the characters in the movie. Elsa and Anna’s Boutique in Downtown Disney is not only store, but also a salon where the boutique offers beauty services that include fingernail polish, makeup and even getting hair perfectly styled. Plus there are many unique t-shirts, official costumes, other Frozen clothes and accessories.

Is isn’t surprising to see many youngsters dressed up as Anna and Elsa and walking around the Disneyland Resort. However when the young ladies stopped by the boutique in Downtown Disney they are looking absolutely radiant and could be comparable to either Elsa or Anna. The young lookalikes can be heard as they squeal with glee and excitement too. Olaf hasn’t been left out of the fun either. There is some wonderful merchandise with his face at the store for all of fans too.

How do you find this very cool boutique? In Downtown Disney, follow the squealing joy as the youngsters to stop by the store or watch for Elsa and Anna from the Frozen movie walking by and ask for directions.

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