Dr Phil cures me of speeding in LA: Did you see his billboard?

Dr philDr Phil might be a regular television talk host, but his latest billboard has cured me of an issue and I didn’t even need a session with him. Of course who couldn’t be excited about his new season? With relevant guests and exciting topics, people around the country are tuning in to hear what he has to say. Which leads me to the Dr Phil billboards highlighting The Dr. Phil Show.

Who would dare to speed past these signs? It might be just me, but that serious face looking down puts a little panic in the heart (and a reason to ease up off the gas.) He gazes into your soul. It is intense. I think I am more afraid of him looking down at my odometer than the cops when it comes to cruising by the big signs. If Dr. Phil was this big in real life, trust me when I say nobody would be speeding. That’s right nobody. He’s got that fatherly look reminding fans and speeders alike to slow down. His authority dominates the billboard.

Now don’t go thinking I am hating on the good doctor. I met him once at a red carpet and we exchanged pleasantries. He’s a nice man. I got nothing but props for the star and his show’s staff. I really hope his show does great this season, but those billboards are a different story. They scare the crap out of me. So just as an FYI, I will be driving the speed limit around Los Angeles. I can’t risk his disappointment seeing me speed.

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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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