Drone Drama: Hollywood goes dark after power line hit

If you didn’t know drones could cause major damage, then you need to live in Hollywood for a short time. This week there was some serious drone drama on the streets of Hollywood and shut off the electric in the area. This particular drone hit the power lines and people were without power for hours as the electric company had to restore it.

Technically, nobody has stepped forward to claim responsibility for their drone. It hasn’t been ruled out that the drone is part of a filming project either. What has been identified is the massive amount of damage the drone has done and another reason that people in Southern California are upset with the idea of drones in the area.

Will Drone regulations too stifling for Hollywood?

Rolling out new regulations, it’s interesting to see that drones — a new technology — is being immediately regulated, and it’s getting far more scrutiny than issues like guns. In fact, some people are suggesting to own a drone in the very near future might require a license to drive. It appears that the ownership of a drone will be far more controlled than other, older, issues.

The FAA is expected to enforce the new rule to register drones, but that probably won’t help the issues surrounding the drone drama seen in Hollywood. Registered or not, people are going to be flying their cameras about the sky to capture that one image that could be sold to the gossip rags for thousands of dollars. It’s worth the risk on some levels and the cash that people make on one photograph is ridiculous money. On the other hand policing is going to be beefed up What was seen in Hollywood this week was seriously concerning. It appears that people with these electronic flying machines might not have adequate skills to truly fly them well enough to be safe.


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