‘Duck Dynasty’ Uncle Si gives Thanksgiving tips on turkey fryer safety (video)

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty cast
(photo courtesy of A&E)

Considered any turkey fryer safety for Thanksgiving? This year the Uncle Si and Jase from Duck Dynasty teamed up with State Farm to offer some tips about deep frying turkey. The idea behind these two cast members offers up a great look at being safe while showcasing Uncle Si’s antics.

Obviously it is Jase who gives the tips (and the advice he gives about deep frying turkeys definitely is worth the listen) and then Uncle Si provides a little excitement with a flying bird, a few flames and his iconic tea glass.

The growing number of deep fried turkey fires has many people concerned around the Thanksgiving holidays. This cool little turkey fryer safety PSA might be funny but it does have a few pointers that everyone should consider including keeping a fire extinguisher around for any issues that get out of control when cooking your thanksgiving bird.

Take a look at the funny State Farm PSA that highlights Duck Dynasty and deep fried turkey cooking. Be safe in 2013 when you make your turkey dinner.

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