El Chapo shirt: Hollywood fashion turns to Mexican drug lord

The El Chapo shirt was seen in shots after the notorious Mexican drug lord was captured and it has turned into a viral trend that has the world looking at Hollywood to buy a fine silk shirt. And so many people were interested that the shirt sold out with some eBay sellers doubling or tripling the retail price. Looking at the photos from Mexico, there were two different designs of the El Chapo shirt seen in the pictures. Both have been eyed by the public and both shirts are sold out.

So exactly how much does it cost to look like one of the most notorious criminals just captured in North America? Apparently it is less than $100 but that doesn’t include postage. With one designer sold out, it appears there are other stores where you can get similar patterns to look like El Chapo. That’s right your body will be covered in a very eerily similar shirt to a criminal.

Want a El Chapo shirt?

When it comes to Hollywood fashion trends, I admit the last thing I’d be willing to consider as something of value is a El Chapo shirt. Typically we look at fashion to reveal a unique statement about us that the threads share with the world. Not quite sure how wearing an El Chapo shirt says anything positive and the idea that kids are interested should be a red flag too. This has become one of those trends you just want to wish away because it represents something really awful.

The idea that the El Chapo shirt influence comes back to the old saying that even bad publicity is good publicity. Obviously it also helps if you are dressed better than a famous Hollywood star like Sean Penn. Then again, in all the proof of life meeting pictures that Penn has been seen in, he doesn’t seem to care about his appearance at all.

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