Emmys are close? Billboards of nominated TV shows clutter LA

If you are part of the voting audience of the Emmy Awards, watch television or even have a hint of pop culture in your blood, the skyline of Los Angeles might be a good place to look. The 67th Prime Time Emmy Awards are only a little over a month away and just in case you might not have known, the campaigns for the different TV shows are plastering their messages on billboards around Los Angeles.

This year, compared to others, it seems a little more advertising is being focused around town on voters who might be driving or chauffeured. It feels like you can’t drive a block without seeing a sign highlighting a show and the big words “For Your Consideration.” Some shows are a little more subtle with the message “FYC” in the corner, but that’s only because the name of the show is too big to have both elements in the design.

With the new fall TV season only weeks away, it’s that time of year where new TV shows introduce their characters and premise to the fans on billboards, but it appears this is not as prevalent in 2015 as there isn’t enough billboards.

All this hype about the award show has me wondering how this year will be different at the Emmys. As most fans know, being nominated is an honor, but to win is grand.

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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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