Fantasmic FastPass for Disneyland: Is it worth the reservations?

Fantasmic Fastpass at Disneyland is one of the newest opportunities for guests visiting the happiest place on earth. In previous years, all you needed to do was show up find yourself a spot and watch one of the most beloved shows at Disneyland. However, it’s become a bit of a challenge to find a perfect spot these days with so many people coming to the park. That’s probably why Disneyland started the Fantasmic Fastpass for the fireworks and show.

Does your family really need fast passes to see the show?

Believe it or not, the show has become so popular that it is necessary to get a Fantasmic Fastpass for best viewing options. The park has become crowded, especially over the summer and during the busiest times the benefit of using Fastpass is far greater than just showing up at show time.

What is happening is more and more is people are going to shows to see Disney’s wonderful show period paragraph those crowds get big quickly and once the face space fills up no longer possible to get a perfect place in the crowd. Leaving you with a space that isn’t a good view or being turned away altogether. Depending on what day you are visiting Disneyland, you might want to consider getting fast passes so that way you have a great spot to watch the show.

The area that is around the Rivers of America is fairly limited when it comes to space for just showing up. While scenarios for watching fireworks at other resort theme parks have better opportunities to actually slip in and watch, the banks of Frontierland and even around New Orleans square are extremely limited. Which is one reason you should consider getting a FastPass.

Another possibility is going to the second Fantasmic show instead of the first show. Basically everyone goes to the first show and then rushes over to see the fireworks over the castle which happens almost immediately after the show. If you decide to stay late enough, then watch the fireworks over the castle first and catch the second show on the banks of Rivers of America. It does mean a late night Disneyland but it is a perfect place to be!

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