Favorite Christmas Music? Bing Crosby, The Muppets heard during the holidays

Nothing like Christmas music! The best music of the season has to be from the classics. The Beatles, The Muppets and Bing Crosby come to the top of my list. The joyful tunes of what are heard are instant hits as the music is sung from the heart.

There are so many stars hitting the holiday circuit. Thanks to the ingenious idea of Justin Bieber a few years ago, the star started a gravy train for artists who wanted to make a little extra during the season by giving their takes on holiday songs. This year Kelly Clarkson, Mary J Blige and other stars put out holiday albums, but none stack up to the classics.

When thinking about the holidays, the music is part of the season. From the bells to the choirs, there is so much music to enjoy as we scurry about in our lives and finalize the tasks for the special day.

What is your favorite holiday music?


Christmas Music

Christmas Music

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