Filming on a freeway ramp high above; LA movie stops traffic

When it comes to filming a movie, nothing is more important than an authentic location. Perhaps that is why the idea of filming on a Southern California freeway ramp is so unique. On Sunday I was on my way to church and when I came to the exit ramp I needed, I couldn’t turn because it was blocked. There were three dozen vehicles on the ramp and it looked like a party going on. Did I mention this exit ramp was at least 20 floors above the freeway?

The freeway ramp on Interstate 105 isn’t for the weak at heart. This is way above the freeway and the road bleeds down to the 110 as folks are driving away from the LAX to the downtown area. Which is why the view was so amazing. It was impossible to not wonder what was going on in the sky. At first it appeared there might have been an accident, but the camera boom and caterer truck made it obvious someone was making a movie and they probably only had 24 hours to work on the scene.

The Los Angeles freeways are typically used for driving, but the 105 is special. Filmmakers can get permits to shut down the freeway and film. You have probably seen this stretch of highway a number of times as almost every car maker in America uses this stretch to highlight new cars. It’s common to see Boeing building along with the LA courthouse in the background as the cars zoom out of focus.

Countless movies, TV shows and commercials have been filmed on this stretch. While there are many freeways that could work, this area highway is one of the few places it is legal to film as the roadway is completely shut down. Typically, like on Sunday, it’s down during the off-peak hours and does cost a pretty penny for the privilege.

The filming on a freeway during Sunday was not inconvenience for me as I took the next exit, but it reminded me that I’d rather see the real freeway on the big screen (or TV) than a CGI moment. Most likely most people driving around on Sunday felt the same way too.

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