Free Justin Bieber music? Artist offers song for ‘Believe’ movie ticket purchase

Justin Bieber music

Justin Bieber music
(Justin Bieber/Twitter)

Justin Bieber music is being offered for free! The entertainer has been uber-generous in 2013 and he hasn’t stopped even though Christmas is still weeks away. Making sure his fans know how much he appreciates them, he is giving away another song.

Fans get a free song when they preorder a ticket to Justin Bieber’s movie Believe through Fandango. The Amazon MP3 version of Alone is instantly shared with the ticket purchaser. This unique gift will give the fans a great movie to see, and then a song to hear as well!

In 2013 there has been plenty of Justin Bieber news, but through it all the star has kept his focus on the fans. Never forgetting how important the people who support him are, Justin continues to give stuff away and share new music with the masses. Which is pretty cool as the star could be distracted by everything else that is going on!

Take a look at the new video clip of Believe!

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