Freeway filming scenes: Hollywood captures a background

The latest films hitting the theaters have an varied look of backgrounds when it comes to filming characters driving around. James Bond as well as other characters currently in the theaters have fans watching the road as they zip around the world to a location in the story. Around Hollywood the freeway filming scenes usually are done near the Los Angeles International Airport on the Century Freeway.

Hollywood’s Freeway Filming Scenes Need a Big Crew

One of the newest stretches of the highway system around Los Angeles, this familiar area has many buildings, but they aren’t necessarily identifying. Add that “new” would be a relative term for this stretch of road that parallels LAX on the south side of the airport, as it was built roughly 20 years ago. Still, it’s one of the least used portions of the freeway system around Los Angeles and that makes it a good place to film.

One of the first movies shot in this area was the classic hit Speed. This movie was actually shot on the freeway, but it was done before the road was opened to the public leaving the world to get a first glimpse of the area before the locals. The hit film was an introduction to the stretch of highway that now is used for all sorts of film projects including car commercials, documentaries and other freeway filming scenes. It’s also one of the few places that people can drive a golf cart (licensed of course) on the freeway going at a typical rate of speed and film.

The idea of producing perfect freeway filming scenes isn’t easy and that’s why the particular location is typically shut down when the cameras are rolling. Since the car is moving, so is the set. Seeing a movie in progress, you might be shocked to see the car being surrounded by other cars in an attempt to get every possible angle for a shot.

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