‘Frozen’ gets another boost; ‘Frozen Fever’ in theaters

The cure for Frozen Fever was almost found by mankind after the first film, but man was outwitted by the Walt Disney Corporation and nobody is complaining. After fans of Frozen were singing Let it Go for months, the chance for Elsa and Anna to quietly go back to their castles has been lost with the new theater short released today in theaters. That’s right, the Frozen crew returns for Frozen Fever and there are more songs.

As I can’t help to be neutral on this latest go around of the princesses and their stories, there is good news for those folks tired by the off-key renditions of Let It Go by hundreds of children. The new song, Making Today a Perfect Day, is expected to be a hit with the kids too.

Like the latest Disney movies or not, the Walt Disney Company has figured out an award winning way to recreate stories that appeal to the families. Then they package the story with another fable and put it on the big screen. Pure marketing genius on so many levels.

As I mentioned before, I am pretty neutral when it comes to the Frozen movies and other films like Cinderella. I really don’t like or dislike them and partly because I haven’t seen them in the theater (or on video). The songs and the rides, well that’s an entirely different story. I love how the music captures a moment in time and the attractions at the theme parks allow people to create their own story dynamics within the elements.

If you have Frozen Fever, I regret to inform you that there is no cure. Just enjoy it for the sake of the kids.

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