Got the time? Check your ant watch

Usually when it comes to ants near your skin, you want to flick them off real quick. Perhaps that is why the Ant Watch by Analog Watch Co. is so very cool. This different approach to ant watching as well as appearing to know the time might be a little futuristic, but it is one piece of jewelry that will be the center of attention at every party attended.

The ant watch technically doesn’t tell time, but it does have purpose. It’s a mini ant farm, like you had when you were a kid, that houses 3-5 live harvester ants in a watch-like enclosure. The unique part of this idea is that it’s rare to have your watch on you in the first place (unless you lost your cell phone) so to wear an ant farm is quite entertaining.

The watch enclosure houses the tiny creatures who build their own little world and you need to feed them every few weeks. The ants actually last for about six months before you might need to get a refill, but not to worry as the ants are shipped directly to your door every four months just in case you don’t have any around the house.

Having an ant watch on you wrist is a hilarious idea that really shouldn’t be panned. It’s one concept that could teach humans a thing or two about being compassionate and finding the best in every situation. I’d even get one to try it out and video tape how people respond. My only concern is that somehow I would need to buy an extra seat on my next airplane trip as the requirements to bring on board animals (even bugs I assume) is they need their own seat.

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