Grand Central Market: Weekly game night is full of fun

Grand Central Market is a famous location in downtown Los Angeles. Anyone visiting in the area should check out the building as it is deep in history and a great place to buy produce, eat dinner and check out the architecture of the building. Now there is another reason to visit Grand Central Market and people might be surprised to learn it includes some old-fashion fun.

The iconic location is hosting a game night every Thursday night where people can head to downtown Los Angeles for dinner, dessert and a game of Scrabble with a group of strangers. This idea of getting together without the latest technology might be foreign for teens and kids, but the idea is drawing families from every part of the city. Coming together, it’s a family night full of fun and there isn’t just board games. Grand Central Market is a pretty big place and it appears that they are setting up ping pong tables, card tables (for UNO lovers) and other areas for games.

Grand Central Market game night reflects on the past

Most folks might roll their eyes thinking that people are playing simple games only minutes away from Hollywood. Yet there is a certain nostalgic feeling to the idea. Los Angeles has been portrayed as an unfriendly city, but that’s far from true. Walking down the street, you might be greeted by dozens of strangers and nobody is going to be grabbing your wallet. The gritty life of Los Angeles seen in the movies simply isn’t true.

Coming together for a family event to play games is something that was documented maybe 50 years ago, but not so much today. For this reason, Grand Central Market might be offering up something that isn’t new but definitely family fun that everyone can enjoy. The price is right too! Besides buying your own dinner, the opportunity to play fun games with Los Angeles neighbors is actually free.

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