Grumpy for 90th Annual Academy Awards? Stars fasting day before Oscars 2018

How do you know it’s time for the Oscars 2018 to begin? If you’re in Los Angeles and you walked by a grumpy person on the street who seemed to be staring at your takeout intently. Well, they probably have a ticket to the 90th Annual Academy Awards. Yes, it’s barely 24-hours away, but the hunger in famous folks’ eyes has set in.

Fasting before Oscars 2018? It’s a thing in Hollywood.

Thinking stars look good walking down the red carpet of the Academy Awards. Well, they do and a lot of effort goes into making a big presentation. There is the fashion, the fitness and the perfect dimensions for the cameras. All of which becomes a serious reality to make happen about a week before the Oscars 2018 red carpet. The stars are extremely serious. They get their hair, nail and any other small thing done at least twice before the show. Then they pretty much stop eating.

Consider what food hinders your waist and hurts your skin

Looking to make the best impression, roughly 48 hours before the show people who are part of the moment stop eating. They hope to make a skin glow a little more. Perhaps even drop an extra pound too. It’s the final push before the Academy Awards. This technique applies to the stars and pretty much every one else who is part of the show. Which brings me to the night before. People in Hollywood and Los Angeles in general are a little grumpy.

For as long as I can remember, this is an award show tradition that won’t be seen on TV. You don’t get the thrill of seeing some random stranger tear into someone else on the freeways. Nor will you find a guide on how the fasting works before the Oscars 2018 red carpet. Yet, it is real and it’s quite intense. People are very serious when it comes to considering what food can hinder your waist and hurt your skin. They will even cap how much water to drink. At this point it’s all about looking good for the cameras.

What to eat after the Oscars 2018 show? Everything

Once the show is over, the city might be safe again from hungry people. Stars are known to hit the local fast food places up right after the award show. They also head to the after parties. Yet food at those events truly are for show (and so is going for that matter.) On Monday, it will be food as usual in Hollywood. Until then, watch out for hungry people in Los Angeles. They can get a bit scary when staring you down for food.

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